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GREENIS IFA 2017 Launch: We are Different

GREENIS has just finished one major event of the year, IFA held in Berlin during 1-6 September, which is the biggest technology show in Europe. GREENIS did have plenty of surprise for the visitors and customers.

As an innovative manufacturer and expert with great strength in product design and development, GREENIS refreshed the blender range with two new models in this season, the FGR-8890 and FGR-9800 both featuring metal housing. The FGR-8890, designed with theme of “Color & Power”, came up with an aluminum base that had gone through a special processing, enabling it to adopt more color options apart from the original color of aluminum. The FGR-9800, with a stainless steel base, displayed in a brand new way for the change of speed and time, giving customers different experience during operation.

So far, GREENIS has released 8 models of power blenders and each carries distinctive features. Customers at this IFA show might have found that GREENIS wouldn’t disappoint you no matter what a power blender you were looking for, instead you might have discovered more than you expected. Because GREENIS always bear in mind user experience and customer satisfaction when creating a blender, we believe a power blender shouldn’t be just a blender with high power and can crush stuff into small particles, but a lot more can make it better help people in the modern society, for instance the smart technology (e.g. wireless connectivity, smart App control, cloud recipe), more stylish and attractive designs, flexible and variable operation styles, new methods of display etc. However we must also remember that a power blender is a blender essentially and its basic and ultimate function is to blend. So we would never ignore the functionality and performance to just focus on those modern features. If comparing a blender to a plant, we believe the modern features we create are leaves and flowers while quality and functionality is root and stem. And we believe only when a blender has them all can it become a good blender indeed in this time. Actually not only for the blenders, but also the other healthy appliances of GREENIS range (slow juicers, steam ovens etc.), we are heading in this orientation. This is what we’ve been working on since the very beginning, what you can hardly find elsewhere and what can explain how we are different.

IFA 2017

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