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High Speed Power Blender

Greenis - Best High Speed Power Blenders Facts and Features

Over the years, blenders have evolved in terms of their design, functionality, and power. A high speed power blender has become an indispensable tool in the kitchen as it offers numerous purposes instead of merely blending fruits and making smoothies. From soups to nut butters to blending ice and even making gluten-free flours, this type of blender can do them all – and in the most efficient way possible.

Maximum Power, High Speed

What separates a regular blender from a high-speed power blender is the power output. Generating 1,000 to 1,400 watts of power, this kitchen appliance can do most things that a standard and low-powered blender cannot do. Heating soups in a few seconds become ultimately possible with a high-powered blender, as well as grinding coffee beans and grains. Those who suffer from gluten intolerance can prepare flours without gluten content using this robust and multi-purpose blender.

Noise Level

While it is typical for blenders to produce a loud sound during operation, high power blenders are much quieter in comparison with regular ones. For instance, the average noise level of these blenders are between 85 and 95 db. This is made possible with the brushless DC motor used in the unit, which helps reduce the noise to ensure a pleasant environment while protecting your ears at the same time.

Powerful Blades

In addition to the robust motor, a high power blender comes with ultra sharp and durable blades that can crush a wide variety of ingredients whether these are soft fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, coffee beans, and vegetables. Made from superior quality stainless steel, the blades are undeniably durable, sturdy, and with all the parameters that make them capable of performing well consistently.

Safety Features

Considering the optimum power and speed that a high-powered blender can produce, you can expect it to have certain safety features to give you the peace of mind and convenience with every use. Some of these safety components that this type of blender possesses include an overload and overheat protection, child lock, jar sensor, and blocking protection.

Greenis High Power Blender Models

Rated as one of the best blender provider, Greenis features a selection of high power blenders with impressive features that make food preparation much faster and more efficient all the time. The following are among the benefits and capabilities that each blender model from Greenis can offer.

Power Blender Greenis FGR-8840

1. Greenis FGR-8840

Choose from 24 speed settings on the digital front panel, depending on the speed level you need for your ingredients and recipes. There are also 6 pre-programmed functions included such as hot drinks, smoothie, juice, grind, ice cubes, and sauce. A DIY self-programming capability is another feature that allows you to customize the blending style for your particular dish.

Incorporating modern technology, the FGR-8840 can be used with an intuitive smart recipe app that may be downloaded in the App Store or Google Play, This app delivers endless options for the recipe cycles, which you can activate once you have connected the unit with your mobile device via Bluetooth.

As a high powered blender, this versatile kitchen appliance offers a maximum speed of 30,000 RPM that makes it capable of blending multiple ingredients at a time. Even with such a high speed, the noise level remains at a minimum to help prolong the life of the motors while making every user experience a positive one.

A durable and tough 2-liter jar with BPA-free components and constructed from Tritan material gives this unit a sleek and sophisticated appeal. It is set atop the stainless steel jar base that minimizes vibration and protects the drive and bearing from too much friction. To maintain the superb crushing ability of the blender, the forging blades made from SUS301 material keeps it highly effective in blending a vast selection of ingredients whether these are dry, wet, bulk, small, hard, or soft. Find out more.

Power Blender Greenis FGR-8830

2. Greenis FGR-8830

This power blender from Greenis generates 1400 watts of maximum rated power with a speed of 30,000 RPM for high efficiency and convenience. It features 6 recipe programs presented on the XL touchscreen display with buttons corresponding to each feature such as ice cubes, hot drinks, sauce, grind, smoothie, and juice. The pulse button has a quick start function, and there are 10 speed settings to match your food preparation needs.

Boasting of the smart microchip component in the unit, the FGR-8830 is capable of a stable operation with comprehensive control like no other. There is also the opportunity to control the unit through the smart app, which can be downloaded on your Android or Apple device. Thus, there is no limit on the programs and settings that you can use to further enhance your overall usage of this high power blender.

Safety features include protection from overload, overheating, blocking, and other brilliant functions such as the child lock and the jar sensor. As a bonus, there is a speed controller that allows for a quieter and more stable speed throughout the blending process. These all contribute to the longer life span of the motor. Find out more.

Power Blender Greenis FGR-8800

3. Greenis FGR-8800

Featuring the brushless DC motor as the highlight of this Greenis high power blender, the FGR-8800 makes use of a unique composition that sets it apart from regular blenders in the market today. A brushless motor commutation allows for a precise and efficient operation as it does not include wear parts that wane in performance over time. The type of motor used in this unit also ensures its quieter operation without wearing the motor down quickly. High torque, high speeds, zero maintenance operation, reduced noise level are among the key features of this motor, which the FGR-8800 possesses.

With an increased torque and extensive speed range, this power blender is essential for tougher kitchen preparations including grinding, crushing, and kneading. Starting at a maximum torque and maintaining a low speed of up to 6000 RPM makes it possible for you to make the perfect dough with this versatile blender.

In terms of safety, there is more to expect from the FGR-8800. Sparking is a thing of the past, thanks to the brushless DC motor in this unit. There are no issues to arise, which are common with blenders that use a different type of motor including friction, overheating, and damages due to foreign objects that get into the delicate parts of the unit. Conduction cools the windings and there is no need for airflow to facilitate the cooling process that often exposes the motor to debris.

With a clear LCD display on the front panel, this power blender makes it easy for you to check the current speed and the time setting. There are also 7 pre-programmed recipe settings that you can activate with just a touch of a button, which include dough, ice cubes, sauce, hot drinks, smoothie, juice, and grind. Safety is guaranteed for your peace of mind including the child lock, overheating and overcurrent protection, and the cup and lid sensor.

As with all the Greenis power blender models, the FGR-8800 comes with a BPA-free and highly durable 2-liter jar constructed from the Tritan material. It is impact-resistant and sturdy, with a thickness level of 4.5 mm. Complete with an outstanding blade assembly made of two U-shaped serrated and four cross-shaped SUS301 stainless steel blades, the crushing abilities of the FGR-8800 is far superior than what the average blender can produce. As a result, any food preparation performed with this unit is made quicker and with sheer perfection at all times. Find out more.

Power Blender Greenis FGR-8880

4. Greenis FGR-8880

Ever wished you could operate your blender remotely with just one touch of a button? With the smart blender Greenis FGR-8880T, it is now possible. The FGR-8880T comes fully equipped with a stunning clear XL touchscreen panel with LCD display, state of the art ultra sharp stainless steel 301 material blades that can crush a wide variety of ingredients, a high-powered silent 3.7 peak horsepower motor that generates up to 1,400 watts of power at 30,000RPM speed, while keeping the noise level to a minimum for you and your family’s comfort, and a Bluetooth module to control your Greenis FGR-8880T via Smartphone.

With such powerful blades and motor, safety is also Greenis’ guarantee. In other low powered blenders, having the blades get stuck is one of the common issues. Here at Greenis, we have found a way to resolve this at your convenience. Safety features that the FGR-8880T includes protection from overloading, overheating, blocking, and other brilliant functions such as the child lock and jar sensors. As a bonus, there is a speed controller that allows for a quieter and more stable speed throughout the blending process. These all contribute to the longer life span of the brushless DC motor.

The Greenis FGR-8880T’s 100% BPA tritan jar is sleek and compact, making it the most portable smart blender in the Greenis range. Bring the Greenis FGR-8880T with you anywhere, anytime. Simply connect the Greenis FGR-8880T to your smartphone via the built in Bluetooth module, download “GREENIS” from Google Play or the App Store, and your smart blender is ready to be used. Choose between not only 6 different program settings to make Juice, Smoothies, Sauce, Hot Drinks and Grind/Crush Ice cubes, but also various recipes with healthy ingredients and guidelines. The Greenis FGR-8880T is the perfect integration of power and sophistication to make your food preparation much faster, and more efficient all the time. Find out more.